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Web Design and Development

Currently creating innovative marketing materials, web page layouts and branding initiatives that truly excite and engage customers. I am eager to take on new projects and help make my client’s vision a tangible reality.

What interests me is Web Design user interface and applying what I know about Graphic Design to offer an irresistible user experience. An experience that not only has a well thought out information hierarchy, but one that ultimately promotes the growth, exposure and awareness of new brands and product while at the same time being innovative and out of the box.

*Click on links to website projects below images.

Sweet Foraged Things - Website Staging AreaSweet Foraged Things – Website Staging Area

While attending SCC, I created a project staging area for a very eclectic artist that designs accessories. The staging area was to be a place that would house all of the projects for the class and also be a place my client could go to have insight into each phase of ecommerce design – from brand discovery to wire frames and eventually the protosite.

The problem was that she didn’t have a logo and besides her Etsy and Instagram sites, she had virtually no online presence or portfolio to showcase her designs. Another problem was that she was designing product like crazy and applying to trade shows and event markets, but her acceptance into these shows all depended on one thing: a website that she didn’t have.

I saw these problem areas as a huge opportunity and was able to solve them by using design knowledge from prior experience mixed with my newfound joy of web design and development. I sat with my notes about her business and took my time to get to know her product before I created a color palette that I used to design her logo. Needless to say she became my Web 202 client and I had the opportunity to help her create her brand.

*For the Protosite link in the above staging area, please follow this path for the mock shopping experience:

From front page, hover over “Accessories” and choose “Shop All Accessories”. Then click on “Birds of a Feather Sunnies”. From there you can add to bag and Checkout. Click to sign in without adding anything into the fields and keep clicking “Continue” to finish.


Bird Electric – Electrical Contracting

Here are a few screenshots of a project I’m currently working on. If you would like to take a tour of this website, please contact me.

Hand Coding – Responsive Templates

While attending Seattle Central College, I created the following websites where I had real clients looking for web services. Each of these projects were hand coded and in some cases, I redesigned the company’s logo as well as putting together their site.

Web 110 – Assignment Staging


Web 120 – Assignment Staging

Web 130 – Design Statement

Web 170 – Final Project for SisterBird Catering

Web 200 – Final Project for Bend To Mend