Graphic Design


Did you recently come up with a new business idea and want a visual representation of your brand? Do you have a rough sketch or inspiration images to support what you stand for?

It is my passion to connect, communicate and collaborate with other like-minded creatives. Let’s work together to create something beautiful that you can be proud to show off to the world! The more unique and specific your imagery is, the more you get recognized and in today’s visually stimulating marketplace, it’s all about telling your story.


Marketing Collateral

Brand representation is a message about core values and the tried and true that make brands unique. My clients are at ease knowing that I work at integrating their brand into my own lifestyle so that I better understand their most valued customer and therefore design smart into what matters most to them. What do they say, think and feel? How can we, designer and business owner, better serve them?

Below is a collection of branding collateral that was designed for top wine industry professionals in Napa Valley. I have a Decanter Card for Pescadero Creek Vineyards, a comp sandwich card for Napa Valley Heritage Catering, a brand Bio Card for Stringer Cellars, tech sheets to showcase Okapi Vineyard’s delicious wines.

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