About Andria


I am a multi-faceted Designer and Illustrator with over 15 years of experience using the latest Adobe programs, allowing me to create my work with impeccable quality. Design is my craft that I use to communicate and share my ideas, as well as my creativity. My specialties include Design innovation from concept to product, graphic design, brand identity, logos, business cards, promotional design materials and uniquely inspired illustrations. I am currently studying Web Design so check back often for web related projects.

I’ve always lived by the ocean and it’s a great source of inspiration to me. The ocean provides a sense of calmness but also complete unpredictability. I am drawn to that unpredictability, in fact, I crave it. I can’t imagine not being able to escape to a beach. At the beach, you can always refocus, reconnect and lighten up.

The Creative Professionals that I have had the opportunity of working with over the years have inspired and instilled the utmost passion for design and execution of product. I am so grateful for the projects and experiences I’ve shared with them.